President Patrick D. Roquel, and wife Dr. Elinor Tee-Roquel is a formidable team to beat in deliveringa very powerful message : to continue in giving the best Lagundi ( Vitex negundo L.)-from the way it was sourced out, planted, nurtured (no chemicals), harvested, processed and dried at a controlled temperature for 8 hours, maintaining its green color (dried and powdered form),and has a 2 year stability as raw materials, and additional 2 more years when processed in capsule, tablet or cough syrup.



Lagundi is considered as one of the top 10 Herbal medicines approved by the Department of Health, with proven therapeutic value , especially for asthma, coughs and colds.

At the height of the pandemic, Covid 19 has affected and claimed a lot of lives. Lagundi underwent clinical trials as a supplemental treatment for patients – in decreasing the symptoms, especially in the loss of the sense of smell. Frontliners, including doctors who tested positive, were given Lagundi as part of the clinical trials.The patients recovered,  with no adverse incidence. All these happened even before the vaccines arrived in the country.


The farm and plant tour in Tanauan, Batangas proves that RichCorp (Roqs International  Consumer Health Corp. ) is focused on producing the best herbal medicinal plants, especially Lagundi. We witnessed how they nurture  the plants as “plant parents” and how Sir Patrick and Dr. Elinor explained the infancy to maturity, harvesting, and immediately bringing the leaves to   the nearby plant to start the washing, drying and coming out of the machines in powdered form.

Sir Patrick believes that the Lagundi raw materials from the company are world class and export quality. Instead of importing raw materials, he is gearing up in delivering   the best to different parts of the world; this will definitely  have a great impact on improving our country’s economy.

On Helping Farmers

RichCorp is helping a lot of farmers not only to survive on a hand to mouth existence- they now enjoy a comfortable lifestyle, eat well, live well, and send their children to schools and expect a brighter future.



On Giving Back

RichCorp and Binhi Biofarm Company  is promoting the corporate social responsibility project : “Puno, Sagip Buhay” with the core values of “I plant, I share,” mission.


The company  also promotes its own products : Immune Advance Food Supplement for a healthy immune system ( Lagundi (Vitex L. negundo, Moringa Oleifera, Sodium Ascorbate and Zinc), Happy Cha Lagundi Tea, Andas Loco  Mosquin Lotion (Citronella), Andas Spray (Citronella), Andas Defense Hand Sanitizer-Anti-Bacterial (Citronella).


Call for Support

RichCorp continues to reach out to LGUs, government institutions, schools and organizations in promoting and patronizing our own products – herbal medicines, especially Lagundi, which has undergone clinical trials and has proven its efficacy especially in improving the respiratory system. The company has donated to many government and private facilities, Lagundi in powdered form, which played an  important role in improving the health condition of Covid 19 patients.


As the government has shown its interest in furthering the studies in herbal medicines, RichCorp is dedicated to spread the awareness and continue its advocacy for better health thru herbal medicines, and reaching out and empowering more farmers : help them attain a better quality of life. RichCorp is requesting for more support from the government and investors  and build a legacy for future generation.

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