The Philippine Italian Association has partnered with the Politecnico di Milano to bring to the Philippines “Poli-Tech Stories,” a series of talks on Polytechnic Culture to be given by professors of this prestigious university.

Presented and discussed were stories of Science, Technology, and Creativity, stories of our future, stories of women and men who have distinguished themselves for their contributions in their particular fields.

The program which is currently being developed is created especially for the Filipino audience. We welcome suggestions from PIA University partners, professionals and members.

The journey through the Polytechnic Culture commenced last Wednesday, December 22, 2021, at 5:00 PM Manila Time, via Zoom.


Ludovica Cappelletti, a PhD in Architecture, Built Environment and Construction Engineering, will join us virtually to share stories of distinguished women and men, professors and students of the Politecnico, who gave significant contributions in the fields of engineering, architecture and design: Their projects and inventions expanded beyond the city of Milan and have become part of modern day life. Their stories pull together nanotechnologies to space explorations, allowing us to dream of what is technologically possible tomorrow, as mapped out by a University that has always looked to the future.

The title of the first virtual encounter was MADE IN POLIMI, and viewed free of charge as will all talks in this series.

About the speaker:

Ludovica Cappelletti (1989) holds a PhD from Politecnico di Milano. She received her Master’s Degree in Architecture in 2013 from the same university and a Double Degree from Alta Scuola Politecnica and Politecnico di Torino. She was also a visiting student at the Warburg Institute in London in 2016. Since 2018, she has held Post-Doc Fellowships from Politecnico di Milano, Mantua Campus and UNESCO Chair in Architectural Preservation and Planning for World Heritage Cities and the Study Centre and Communication Archive in Parma. She has since focused her research on the dissemination of knowledge in architecture and engineering in Milan in the 19th and 20th centuries, examining the role of the first technical-scientific schools in shaping the relationship between technology, science, and culture. She has edited the selected anthology: (translated title) Milano and the Politecnico 1863-1913 The Voices of the Protagonists. At present, she is part of the Museum Activities Unit of the Politecnico di Milano, working on the permanent exhibition space MADE IN POLIMI which is about the history of the University which displays a collection that spans Architecture, Design and Engineering.


Politecnico di Milano is a university that specializes in science and technology and receives engineers, architects and designers for training. It has always focused on quality and innovative teaching and research. Over the years, it has developed a fruitful relationship with a multi-sectoral network through experimental research and technology transfer.

It takes part in various research and training projects with the most qualified European and international universities, from North America to South East Asia.

Today, the drive towards internationalization has made it a major player in English-based Course Programs.

In the Philippines, the Politecnico di Milano has partnered with the Philippine Italian Association to present to the Philippine audience a series of talks on Polytechnic Culture accessible for free

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