Functions of Art

Functions of Arts

In general, the arts can truly bring beauty to life. However, there are still other functions which can be taken into account.

  • Appreciative Function- It is with no doubt that the arts give amusement and joy to most people. Musical and dance concerts as well as theatrical performances truly give entertainment and joy to its audience.
  • Imaginative and Creative Function- The arts challenges the creative mind and spirit of man. It is truly an avenue to showcase potentials in creating things which exhibit core attributes such as universality, timelessness, and peculiarity.
  • Communicative and Expressive Function- The artist can express his inner thoughts and feelings as reflected in the masterpiece. As it was said, any work of art illumines the human mind and heart. The elements of arts can be compared to language which can be a tool to convey messages that contain genuine ideas.
  • Therapeutic Function- The arts can truly relieve and release tension and stress. Such can be a tool for emotional healing and also to gain deliverance from emotional pangs. As an example, people listen to music to relax and to have peace of mind.
  • Personal and Social Function- People benefit from the arts. The personal function refers to the utilization of arts by individuals. Each individual has a unique sense and taste in fashion. People differ in terms of their preferences. Social function is more general as seen in various structures like houses, schools, churches, government halls, and all other social establishments and structures. Music and dances may not only be for entertainment but they also have cultural and religious significance. All these utilized all the elements of arts. Everything that people see can be considered as a product of art.

From: Prof. Mary Louise San Pedro