SYLLABUS (NU Flex version)

I. Introduction 

Introduction: Appreciating Art When You Know Nothing About Art


Approaches to Arts
Purpose of Arts


Elements of Art
Functions of Arts


Art, Man and Society
Benefits of Appreciating Art
Art Criticism
On Evaluating Art

The five-step system

The five-step system is as follows:

1) Description: Explaining a work of art from an objective point of view, its physical attributes, and formal construction. Identify and describe the elements and principles of art.

2) Analysis: A detailed look at a work of art that combines physical attributes with subjective statements based on the viewer’s reaction to the work.  The initial reaction of the audience.

3) Context: Any historical, religious, or environmental information that surrounds a particular work of art and which helps to understand the work’s meaning.  Articulate the political, social, cultural, and aesthetic themes and issues that artists utilize in their work.

4) Meaning: A statement of the work’s content.  A message or narrative expressed by the subject matter.  Use analytical skills to connect formal attributes of art with their meaning and expression.

5) Judgment: A critical point of view about a work of art concerning its aesthetic or cultural value.  Communicate personal ideas, beliefs and interpretations of the artwork.  Demonstrate an understanding and creative interpretation of the artwork.

The five-step system, which is part of the Prelim, is quite open to multiple interpretations.  There is no right or wrong meaning, but it gives a bit of organization in the way students analyze an artwork.

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The Three Art Forms

  • Visual Arts
  • Media Arts
  • Performing Arts

II. Visual Arts (Week 7)

The visual arts are art forms such as textile, ceramics, drawing, painting, printmaking, crafts, photography, video/filmmaking and architecture. Most artistic disciplines (performing arts and media arts) involve aspects of the visual arts as well as arts of other types. Fashion, graphic and interior design also fall under this category.

Drawing and Painting


Sculpture & Architecture