Metaversing During the Pandemic

The Pandemic brought a lot of “new normals” across the globe. While skeptics thought it was the end of the world, others found it as positive life-changing phenomenon. Indeed, while people were detached from their normal routines of home to work or school and vice versa, technology found its way towards development. With the work-from-home setup, people needed to find an outlet to keep their sanity inside their own homes amid the pandemic.


And so, Metaverse eased through the lives of many people as it tried to simulate real-life activities. Last October 12, 2022, Metavity, the world’s first convergent metaverse was launched in the Philippines at the Quezon City Sports Club. Metavity believed in the Filipinos, what with the Philippines as the number 1 internet user globally, Metavity will be able to blend into the daily lives of Filipinos, simulating their routines and daily activities.

Metaverse actually combines school and virtual reality education. A lot of schools adopted to the virtual class setup. Companies embraced metaverse by holding conferences and meetings virtually.


Metavity makes all these simpler by partnering with schools and universities to support a Learning Management System that is a convergence of Metaverse, Artificial Intelligence (AI), Blockchain/NFT Systems.

Also, Metavity aims to build a safety environment and culture thru developing individual disaster response capability and ISO system – Assist the Philippines to be a world leading disaster management country with the following:


Phase One –  ISO 45001 & ISO 37001 certified Government Agencies (where officers are disaster-ready with practical training and proper certification:ISO17024 Disaster Safety Manager); and

Phase Two – Disaster-Ready e-Government Business Proposal (Development of an Integrated Platform for Disaster Safety)

a.Integrated Platform for Disaster Safety

b.Disaster Safety Communication Network (PS-LTE)

c.Disaster Safety Communication Network (PS-LTE)

d.Disaster Safety Information Portal/App

e.Disaster& Risk Reporting Portal/App


Metavity’s Mission in the Philippines is to launch Metaverse e-Government Platform – an IT Education for All Citizens and a Philippine Digital Government: The World’s 1st Metaverse e-Government. Truly, a big step towards complete digitalization in the country.

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