ACT1: Facebook Conversation / Comment Thread

Create a thread showcasing the evolution of cinema based from the movie “Singing in the Rain” with Don, Kathy and the rest of the characters as the one holding the dialogue. 

To be submitted via Google Drive.

CIV191 = August 15

CIV192 = August 16

CIV193 = August 15

ESE191 = August 16

ACT2: Camera Shots

As a pair, showcase 12 camera shots. 

Each will take turn as the cameraman and as the model.

To be submitted via thumb drive.

CIV191 = August 22

CIV192 = August 23

CIV193 = August 22

ESE191 = August 23

Performance Task: With and Without Dialogue

Make two 30-second videos labeled as With Dialogue and Without DialogueOne video will show a short skit and the other, the same, minus the dialogue. In turn, actors should convey message thru body language and acting. 

CIV191 = August 29

CIV192 = August 30

CIV193 = August 29

ESE191 = August 30

Performance Task: Misc-En-Scene

Make two 30-second videos labeled as Normal and Converted. Normal is a pan shot of a venue whereas Converted is the same but is transformed using props, set design, lighting, HMU (if applicable) 

CIV191 = September 5

CIV192 = September 6

CIV193 = September 5

ESE191 = September 6

Final Requirement: Short Film

Culminating Activity wherein groups will make a 15 minute video centering on a chosen pivotal object. Each entry should include one narrative and one cinematic device.

CIV191 = September 12

CIV192 = September 13

CIV193 = September 12

ESE191 = September 13