Ada Manufacturing Corporation (ADAMCO), one of the leaders in manufacturing and distributing agricultural equipment recently unveiled their first ever integrated marketing communications campaign entitled “Kita Tayo sa ADAMCO.”

The newest celebrity endorser was unveiled for the first time last February 9, 2019 at the Mahogany Ballroom of The Manila Hotel.  The multi-awarded Filipino actor, also dubbed as “Idol ng Bayan” is a revolutionary and humanitarian. He is none other than Binoe himself, Mr. Robin Padilla.

Robin was very candid about explaining why he accepted the offer of being an endorser of an agricultural equipment. He said, unknown to many, he and his family are farmers. He waved away questions on how big his farm is but he was very upfront in saying that only farming can save the Philippines. He said he has been to many places, far and wide, across the globe and he found that the booming economy of the countries he visited relied mainly on farming. Agriculture is the answer to poverty. He said if only people will understand that food is basic in people’s lives and that farming is a source of food, Filipinos will no longer have to worry about having food on the table.

Robin boasts of the revolutionary agriculture system through technology that ADAMCO is promoting. The equipment will empower farmers and believe that they do not only till the land but also think like entrepreneurs, businessmen of global competency.

“Kita Tayo sa ADAMCO” entices farmers to adopt the technology-assisted agricultural system where in the end, it becomes a win-win situation for the farmers and the Company. Rice threshing will be done in lesser time hence more production. This is an amazing program that ADAMCO has been doing from its conception and with the added charm of Robin Padilla, the agricultural industry will become the economy booster of the Philippines.

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